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Why Psychometric Test is Important For Students?

Career planning is very important especially for the students from 10th to higher classes. Around 80 % of the career planning will be influenced by the peers and other career resources. From these resources, a student will not get a clear direction on what to choose. That’s where the need for psychometric tests comes in. The importance of psychometric test are as follows:

  • Psychometric tests will be helpful for the children from Class 8 to Class 12. This is the phase where children develop new perspectives and attitudes towards what they study.
  • It is ideal for those students who have confusion in choosing their stream for Class 11 and 12.
  • For the Students in Class 12 having confusion in choosing their stream for masters. During this period, psychometric tests for students will help them to get a clear idea.

Career Analysis for
2nd to 7th Class

Career Analysis for
8th, 9th, 10th Class

Career Analysis for
11th & 12th Class

Career Analysis for
FY, SY, TY & Graduates

Career Analysis for

Engineering Branch Selector

 This is a Psychometric test, it doesn’t have any right, wrong or perfect answer. Just be genuine to yourself, don’t give the best answer but  answer the questions according to your reaction at that particular situation. 

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Psychometric tests are the scientific ways used to explore a person’s attitude, skills and interests to assess their personality. Mostly it is used as a part of the recruitment process for hiring employees in a company and for the students in choosing their career. Psychometric tests for students will help them to discover their unknown skills and talents inside them, thereby decide which career path to take while they move forward in their studies.

Psychometric tests help students to get to know their strengths and weaknesses better. Through a set of simple questions or queries, psychometric tests try to understand an individual’s capabilities. These questions are designed to interpret the student’s physical and mental state and their conditioning.

Psychometric tests are unique from all other tests as they judge the student’s emotional and cognitive capacity. The results of a psychometric test can be helpful while making important life decisions. Taking a psychometric test also helps a student to find out how a particular subject or career suits their personality.

Often, parents advise their children to take up careers merely because the child performs well in a particular subject. However, experts in psychometric testing look at it differently.

Multiple factors determine a student’s suitability for any career. Beyond their Intelligence Quotient(IQ) and interest in a particular field, other traits must be evaluated. One of the most important ones among these is the Emotional Quotient(EQ) of a student.

A lot can be said about a student’s stress-managing abilities through their EQ. It can be used to understand the kind of work environment that can suit a student the best. Further, one can also get a deeper insight into their intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. While some jobs require strong communications, others might need one to work more on introspection. Stepping into a field that doesn’t match your skillset could adversely affect you, leading to distress and regret.

Knowing about all of these skills helps a student make more informed career choices. Getting to know themselves better, students will be in a better position to make responses to situations. This can help them build more satisfying career decisions in the long run.

Psychometric tests play a valuable role in career guidance and counseling by providing objective and standardized assessments of an individual’s abilities, interests, personality traits, and aptitudes.

  • Self-awareness
  • Career exploration
  • Decision-making
  • Goal setting
  • Personal development
  • Increased confidence
  • Counseling support

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